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Based on extensive personal long-haul travel experience of our team members, CAMPERISE aims to facilitate travelers’ need to find reliable and affordable tourism related service providers. We’ve dug hard to find the best and most affordable suppliers for ourselves, and then we thought: “Why not share these information with the community?! It’ll save their time and money!”. And this is how it all started.

Until today our CAMPERISE grew to a web platform which helps travelers (with primary focus on overseas campers) save time and money when preparing for their next holiday journey. We help you find:

  • discounted but quality RVs (campervans),
  • price competitive airline tickets,
  • affordable world class travel insurance,
  • campsites (campgrounds) across the Europe, USA & Australia, and
  • travel / camping / adventure / sports gear and equipment.

And all that within just a few clicks.

Choose what you need and what you like. Play around. It flatters us because our efforts are not wasted. And it’ll save you time and money.

And yes, why not bookmark our and your CAMPERISE? For later intention or just in case. We’re working on exciting new elements, so keep an eye on us. 😉

CAMPERISE – Campers and Travelers Support Hub
CAMPERISE – Campers and Travelers Support Hub

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